Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eating Chocolat - Does it make you hyper?

Is this a truth or a myth?

Some says it is true but some say chocolat does not necessarily make you hyper. It contains way less caffeine than coffee. However one thing I know about's delicious, it's an indulgence reward and it makes people happy!!

Here are some orders for the past few day. I hope these people are HaPPy!!!

1. Chocolat order from Sis In-Law office - TA office

  • Panned Almond & Assorted Pack

2. Another Chocolat order from Mom neighbour's

Truffle & Crunchy

3. Big order from a Good Friend N.E.R

  • 6 Panned Almond
  • 4 Assorted Packs - various combination

4. More banana orders from husband office. Thank you Mr. J

5. On the same day, good friend NZAR ordered all time fav karipap sardin & ayam and we have 1 loaf of banana cake left and she grabs it too.. Thank you dear!!

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